Experts on Corrugated Sheet Board

We have over 29 years of expertise producing single face, single wall and double wall corrugated sheet board for offset color box makers and carton box makers. 

Single Face: E,F,B,C Flutes

Single Wall: E,F,B,C Flutes

Double Wall: E+B, E+C and B+C

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Our Products


Single Face Corrugated Sheet Board

With over 29 years of experience producing single face sheet boards, we can proudly say our expertise and superior product quality put our name on the map.

Single Wall Corrugated Sheet Board

The most popular choice for medium weight products. This type of sheet board comprises of 2 layers of liner board and 1 corrugated medium.


Double Wall Corrugated Sheet Board

This heavy duty sheet board is most suitable for cartons that contains heavy products.

Corrugated Carton Boxes

Through our network of partners, we also offer complete carton production with printing and various types of die-cutting.

Stack of Boxes